5 Days Post-Op

Just in case anyone needs a good laugh today… Decided that because he has been doing so well that it was ok to leave for just a few minutes (of course I had the security camera on so that I could check in on him as often as needed), starting to go a little stir crazy! Had to run to the vet to drop off some things they lent us when he peed all over his stuff last visit and had to talk to them about a stool softener because it had been 4 days since pooping! Went to the vet and they suggested Miralax which thankfully didnt mean me having buy even more prescriptions! After we were done I checked the camera and he was nice and calm so I went to a quick lunch with my mom. Got back to the house and went to go get him out of his kitty jail cell that he despises and OMG… POOP EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! And of course he has a onesie on because he is trying to rip the stitches out at every chance he gets (cone not an option it infuriates him) and the t-shirt he gets his one back leg stuck in! I am sure you can all figure out how fun that was to clean him up… literally had to CUT the onesie off him, it was that bad! He was either so mad at us for leaving, scared that he was left alone for the first time, or it finally just came out… whatever the reason, I guess I didnt need to go get that miralaxwhateverlaughing

On a side note, I finally was able to get a video of his attempt at walking. I know it is not great but it has improved tremendously, just the fact that he has some balance and isn’t needing my assistance to hold or help his enormous rear end up! He certainly tells us exactly where he wants to go.  I feel like I have a baby that needs ‘tummy time’ on the floor. He prefers spending most of the time on the couch which is soft and comfy and he can certainly get up and move himself around on there but I do try and get him down on the carpet a lot which is a hard surface. The blankets on the floor that you see in pictures have no cushion to them. As soon as I put him on the floor he tries to hop right back over to the couch or the air mattress (been sleeping downstairs with him) and jump on them, which doesn’t work! Oh and today is our last day of pain meds… fingers crossed!


3 Days Post-Op

Everyone slept well again last night! Today was an up and down day. For the most part it was pretty good but there were times where he was clearly in some kind of distress. We do not think it had anything to do with being in pain because scooting around the house was no issue, instead we are thinking it was gas or something like that! It was sad though because all of sudden he would start to moan, fart (lovely right!), and then relax. Thankfully this was only like 20 mins in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

I had a baby shower to go to this afternoon and my mom was nice enough to watch him for those few hours. Our biggest issue has been him peeing. The last two days we had to bring him to the vet to have them press his bladder and force him to pee, but with it being a Saturday and them closing at 130 today we knew that was not an option. The vet kept saying eventually he would have to go or it would start dripping out whether he wanted it to or not! We knew that the issue was that he didn’t want to go unless it was in the litter box and he felt like he couldn’t make that happen. Well, we got to about 9pm tonight and still nothing but he was very agitated. He has shown NO interest in the litter box at all which we have heard is normal but tonight he actually tried to scoot over to it and get in. I tried to help and then he wanted nothing to do with it. Not really knowing what to do but knowing he needed to go I dumped some of his litter onto a pee-pee pad and put it in front of him on the floor. After about 20 minutes he scooted himself over to the pad and started using his front paws to dig in it, propped himself up to sit and went! Granted NONE of it made it to the pad, at least he (and I) figured it out and I am sure he felt 100% better! Never in my life did I think I would care so much about the bowel movements of the cat or be totally ok with him peeing wherever he wanted lol.

Besides that, he has become very aware of the stitches today and it has been an all day job to keep him away from them… oh, and he HATES the cone- like body flailing, angry meowing, head shaking until its gone HATES IT! Before surgery I had picked up some baby onesies but fun fact… the 22 pound cat does not fit in 12 months, 18 months, or the 24 month ones that I got. Luckily my nephew is over often and I had some of his clothes around… go figure, his size 5/6 tank top was the one that did the trick. Was able to get it on and put a few stitches in it to get it on him the right way! Was just worried about him getting to the stitches during the night tonight so hopefully this works! I had also ordered a cheap security camera off amazon ($28) and I set that up so that I could spy on him even when I couldn’t be in the room just to make sure he was ok! Works great!


What a Difference!

Can’t believe the difference just 24 hours make. The boy slept most of yesterday, thank goodness! We did have to take him back to the vet to get his bladder expelled yesterday afternoon and he seemed so much more comfortable after that. It was so funny watching my Dad come in the room last night (the cat loves him). As soon as he heard his voice he was super alert, meowing to talk to him like he always does, and tracking him all over the room kind of like saying “are you going to sit down with me or what, lets go!” I think everyone was relieved because we all had worried that we had lost the E that we all loved, but nope, there he was again!

He has gotten pretty good at telling us what he wants, as if he wasn’t spoiled before! Thankfully he no longer lets out a long bellow when he is trying to reposition himself or wants to start moving. He starts to squiggle around and thats my cue to help out however I can. It may be June but he parked himself in front of the fireplace and stared at us until we put it on for him (his favorite). The house was roasting but he was happy and that was all that mattered! I couldn’t believe it but he slept the entire night with no problems at all. Got up to give him his meds twice and he went right back to sleep in his spot on the couch.

I know he is a big boy and I am sure that is going to contribute to his mobility, also he is less than 48 hours post-op, but he has a hard time getting up on three legs. That back leg that he has left he has a hard time getting underneath him without my help or a lot of effort and once its there the hop is not graceful in any way! On the flip side, what I have noticed is when he wants to get around he has figured out how to scoot by using that back leg to push his around. I ran to kitchen to get something only to come back and find that he wasn’t where I left him, he had gotten the base of the couch, propped himself up and was actually trying to jump! I was wondering what other peoples experiences were, especially if you have a large kitty friend like me!

Hoping the litter box stuff gets better because he has yet to even attempt it. I tried putting him in it this morning and he freaked out, trying to get out as quickly as possible! Any advice?


First Day After Surgery

Last night was terrible and there is nothing that can possibly prepare you for what to expect hours after surgery, today was better. My boy was finally able to sleep peacefully without the moaning. Turns out he is quite good at being able to tell me what he wants and what he really wanted was to be up on his spot, on his blanket, on the couch. It took some barricading to make sure he couldn’t fall but it is what made him comfortable. So much for our well thought out recovery tent…wasn’t even used for a second! Oh well, we thought we were prepared but we had NO idea! He slept a good amount today and ate A LOT, which I totally expected. The moaning only came back around pain med time. Our only issue today was that while he pooped this morning, he refused to pee! Given his prior history of blockage this was a concern for us and our vet. We waited all day and then at around 4pm the vet said to come and just have him checked real quick. The were able to expel his bladder with no issue and figure he just didn’t know how to pee at home. This may be our new norm for the next few days. Although it was nice to have the vet give him a once over and say things look pretty good given where we are at! Fingers crossed for some sleep tonight. I am tired!

Coming Home From Surgery

No one could have prepared me for what the first night home from surgery (the day of surgery) would be like. For lack of better words the night was beyond terrible. He moaned and was extremely restless the entire night. Thank god for Jackie, she talked me off the ledge big time and I could never thank her enough for that. I still feel like I made a horrible mistake seeing him the way that he is. Hopefully that goes away as this gets better. There was basically NO sleep for either of us last night. He stared, huge eyed, at me and moaned THE. ENTIRE. NIGHT. Around 3am he decided it was time to start trying to scoot all around the downstairs, dragging his back half behind him, I think he was trying to get comfortable but who knows. He finally settled in front of the fireplace but if he slept for a total of 30 minutes last night I would be shocked.

So far today has been slightly better. Called the vet this morning about last night and they pretty much told me ‘well we told you it was going to suck.’ The moaning isn’t constant now thank goodness, it comes and goes, especially I think when he wants or needs something that he can’t get himself. He started to attempt to walk on his three legs but needs a lot of help from me. He kind of lets out a loud (seems angry) meow when he wants to get up and move and I kind of help him onto all 3 then hold his back side steady and he steers the way. He is absolutely adamant that the couch is where he wants to be and has made that very clear. One thing I’m not surprised about is that his appetite is back to normal. I wish he would just close his eyes and sleep, he must be exhausted! I could not have done this without everyones support on here.

Our biggest challenge is the litter box. Tried telling us he had to go but couldn’t get him to use it so he pooped all over his blanket (at least he went) but has yet to pee (wondering if that is common).