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big e

elvis: the 22 pound amputation journey

big e

5 Days Post-Op

June 11th, 2018 · 2 Comments · Uncategorized

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Just in case anyone needs a good laugh today… Decided that because he has been doing so well that it was ok to leave for just a few minutes (of course I had the security camera on so that I could check in on him as often as needed), starting to go a little stir crazy! Had to run to the vet to drop off some things they lent us when he peed all over his stuff last visit and had to talk to them about a stool softener because it had been 4 days since pooping! Went to the vet and they suggested Miralax which thankfully didnt mean me having buy even more prescriptions! After we were done I checked the camera and he was nice and calm so I went to a quick lunch with my mom. Got back to the house and went to go get him out of his kitty jail cell that he despises and OMG… POOP EVERYWHERE!!!!!!! And of course he has a onesie on because he is trying to rip the stitches out at every chance he gets (cone not an option it infuriates him) and the t-shirt he gets his one back leg stuck in! I am sure you can all figure out how fun that was to clean him up… literally had to CUT the onesie off him, it was that bad! He was either so mad at us for leaving, scared that he was left alone for the first time, or it finally just came out… whatever the reason, I guess I didnt need to go get that miralaxwhateverlaughing

On a side note, I finally was able to get a video of his attempt at walking. I know it is not great but it has improved tremendously, just the fact that he has some balance and isn’t needing my assistance to hold or help his enormous rear end up! He certainly tells us exactly where he wants to go.  I feel like I have a baby that needs ‘tummy time’ on the floor. He prefers spending most of the time on the couch which is soft and comfy and he can certainly get up and move himself around on there but I do try and get him down on the carpet a lot which is a hard surface. The blankets on the floor that you see in pictures have no cushion to them. As soon as I put him on the floor he tries to hop right back over to the couch or the air mattress (been sleeping downstairs with him) and jump on them, which doesn’t work! Oh and today is our last day of pain meds… fingers crossed!


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  • Tiffany Garden

    I just had to clean up my foster’s poop that she deposited next to the litter box in her play pen, so I’m right there with you in solidarity clean ups lol.

    • cgodinez

      He has been put in the playpen twice now and both times I have come home to him messing himself… which is super fun because he is in a baby onesie so that he doesn’t disturb his stitches!!!

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