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elvis: the 22 pound amputation journey

big e

3 Days Post-Op

June 10th, 2018 · No Comments · Uncategorized

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Everyone slept well again last night! Today was an up and down day. For the most part it was pretty good but there were times where he was clearly in some kind of distress. We do not think it had anything to do with being in pain because scooting around the house was no issue, instead we are thinking it was gas or something like that! It was sad though because all of sudden he would start to moan, fart (lovely right!), and then relax. Thankfully this was only like 20 mins in the morning and then again in the afternoon.

I had a baby shower to go to this afternoon and my mom was nice enough to watch him for those few hours. Our biggest issue has been him peeing. The last two days we had to bring him to the vet to have them press his bladder and force him to pee, but with it being a Saturday and them closing at 130 today we knew that was not an option. The vet kept saying eventually he would have to go or it would start dripping out whether he wanted it to or not! We knew that the issue was that he didn’t want to go unless it was in the litter box and he felt like he couldn’t make that happen. Well, we got to about 9pm tonight and still nothing but he was very agitated. He has shown NO interest in the litter box at all which we have heard is normal but tonight he actually tried to scoot over to it and get in. I tried to help and then he wanted nothing to do with it. Not really knowing what to do but knowing he needed to go I dumped some of his litter onto a pee-pee pad and put it in front of him on the floor. After about 20 minutes he scooted himself over to the pad and started using his front paws to dig in it, propped himself up to sit and went! Granted NONE of it made it to the pad, at least he (and I) figured it out and I am sure he felt 100% better! Never in my life did I think I would care so much about the bowel movements of the cat or be totally ok with him peeing wherever he wanted lol.

Besides that, he has become very aware of the stitches today and it has been an all day job to keep him away from them… oh, and he HATES the cone- like body flailing, angry meowing, head shaking until its gone HATES IT! Before surgery I had picked up some baby onesies but fun fact… the 22 pound cat does not fit in 12 months, 18 months, or the 24 month ones that I got. Luckily my nephew is over often and I had some of his clothes around… go figure, his size 5/6 tank top was the one that did the trick. Was able to get it on and put a few stitches in it to get it on him the right way! Was just worried about him getting to the stitches during the night tonight so hopefully this works! I had also ordered a cheap security camera off amazon ($28) and I set that up so that I could spy on him even when I couldn’t be in the room just to make sure he was ok! Works great!


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