Full Run of the Downstairs!

Big E has regained full run of the downstairs… no more baby pen!!! He has also made it very clear that he does not like the new litter that is in his room with him (we switched because he was getting so messy with the clumping litter and are trying newspaper litter). Instead we keep finding him hopping all the way to his brothers litter box that still has the litter he likes in it on the other side of the house! He also likes playing with his food egg… when he swats it his food shakes out, again, trying to encourage more movement and as you can see by his size he is obviously very food motivated! Oh, and his hair is almost all the way grown back in!!!!



Time for some changes!

Ok… totally giving up on clumping litter!!!! Big guy pees once a day and the running joke is that he has a bladder like a camel which means that every time he goes it is like a solid 5 minute pee. Because of that the back leg that he balances on consistently gets soaked and then the clumping litter gets stuck all. over. him. This has resulted in many baths because the clumps are everywhere on him and hard to get off once they dry. Luckily, he doesn’t mind the baths at all! Switching litters to see if that helps… if he will tolerate something new. He was not a fan of the newspaper litter after surgery but we are going to give it another go in hopes that this helps with that issue (and we have a few bags left over from before)!

I am also trying to help find ways to keep him at least a little active. He doesn’t walk very much, really only when he is highly motivated to get somewhere- remember, super lazy and always has been! As per recommendation of somewhere on the forums I decided the get to food tree that makes him work for his dry food. He is not 100% sure what to do or how to get the food but we are not giving up on it… so far he has figured out that he has to flick the food from the bottom  but hasn’t figured out the there is food up top too… either way I feel like any extra movement is a plus!



Messy Kitty

Someone is tired after his bath, which shockingly he doesn’t mind at all! Ever since surgery he has a hard time peeing in his litter box and always manages to totally cover his one back leg, which then leads to a baby wipe bath but today he must have slipped and landed in his poop as well- haha! Oh the fun life of a tripawd mom! Good thing he is cute!!!


New Normal

Ok, I have been horrible about checking-in or updating lately so here is the latest! Life seems to have found a new normal for us and the constant stress and fear around E are fading into the past. Where we are at is just our new normal!

E started out with such a great and confident hop (which was shocking for his size) but after a few days that was totally gone and he refused to walk at all- and when he did he was throwing himself all over the place like he had never learned to hop before. We assumed he hurt something or was sore so we did a round of pain meds, which did help. Once he was off the meds he was attempting to move around again, which was a huge relief. It was almost like once his incision was totally healed he was trying to use that missing leg to walk because it felt better and not realizing that it was gone. Almost like while he was on meds and healing maybe in his mind he was holding that missing leg up to not use it, which is why his hop was so nice. Then once he was healed he was trying to use the leg again… but it was gone! Needless to say, he was throwing himself all over the place because he kept trying to use the missing leg. This was pretty consistent for a while, but now he only does it occasionally. We notice it when he goes to get up, thinks that leg is still there, goes to throw it around, and then flops over! Once he does that the bulb in his brain clicks and he centers himself and does a very slow side-hop to where he wants to get. The hop still is not graceful and I only wish it would go back to how well he was doing in the beginning but I just have to keep saying that as long as he can get from point A to point B, thats good enough. He was never very active, no interest in exploring the house, and existed in one room of the house… his life hasn’t changed all that much by this limited mobility. So instead of him jumping on the couch, he gets a boost from whoever is around! We are also trying to get him to lose weight which is easier said than done because of the phenobarbital that he takes, but we are trying!

The one thing that we still occasionally struggle with in the litter box. He knows (and wants) to go in the litter box and we have tried about 5 different set-ups to try and figure out what works best for him. Sometimes he gets his whole body in the box and goes and other times he just sticks his front paws in, digs around and then goes (meanwhile his back end is not in the box at all!)… luckily he is pretty consistent with when he goes and we know in the morning to just put him in the box and chances are he will do his business for the day!

All in all… life has certainly found a new normal around here and every day it could be something different, but at least now we are not newbies at this! We have our struggles but also have some experience in this now! Every single day that we have E around with us is a blessing because we never know when and if his cancer could show back up again. He was the lucky boy that was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer that in 25 years of practicing, our vet has never seen and there are very little studies done on because of its rarity. He is the best kitty in the world… happiest when he is next to his humans, nibbling on your fingers, and talking away to you!