Post-Op Day 8

Things had been going pretty well but we had a little setback last night. All of a sudden I noticed one of his front paws was all swollen and immediately jumped to the worst- another tumor (considering thats how this last one started). Thank goodness we have an amazing vet that took us after closing time real quick last night. It turned out to be nothing, just some fluid build up from the way he had been sleeping with his t-shirt on!

I can’t believe how well we have been doing with no pain meds! He is totally fine, other than the stitches being SUPER ITCHY! They used dissolvable stitches which are supposed to last two weeks yet someone has many that are already gone… he never has more than 30 seconds between shirt/onesie changes but he is a freaking quick little bugger! Vet said all is ok because he has another layer of embedded stitches underneath. Said incision looks like it is healing well.

Our biggest issue has been using the bathroom. Every single time he pees he requires a total wash cloth bath because he sits on the pee pee pad and just lets it got… for like 3 minutes! It is amazing how much he can hold. For the first time today he hopped into his litter-box, STOOD, and peed! Then ‘ran’ around the room to get up back up on the couch to ‘his spot.’ He has been playing us yesterday and today and made us think he had regressed… what a trickster!


Author: cgodinez

Mom of Elvis "E", the laziest but most lovable 22 pound kitty around!

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