Full Run of the Downstairs!

Big E has regained full run of the downstairs… no more baby pen!!! He has also made it very clear that he does not like the new litter that is in his room with him (we switched because he was getting so messy with the clumping litter and are trying newspaper litter). Instead we keep finding him hopping all the way to his brothers litter box that still has the litter he likes in it on the other side of the house! He also likes playing with his food egg… when he swats it his food shakes out, again, trying to encourage more movement and as you can see by his size he is obviously very food motivated! Oh, and his hair is almost all the way grown back in!!!!



Author: cgodinez

Mom of Elvis "E", the laziest but most lovable 22 pound kitty around! https://elvis.tripawds.com

One thought on “Full Run of the Downstairs!”

  1. Way to go! I love the food egg idea, it’s a wonderful way to get some exercise into him and feed at the same time. Double duty! Go Elvis!

    Glad to see he’s getting back to normal and being so spunky. He’s made a point with the kitty litter hasn’t he? Too cute!

    By the way I resized your photos for you so they will show up completely. All you need to do when you are posting, is to click once on a photo and drag a corner in so that the image size is no more than 500 pixels wide. Make sense? Let me know if you’d like help. There are also tutorials in your left sidebar widget of your blog.

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