Time for some changes!

Ok… totally giving up on clumping litter!!!! Big guy pees once a day and the running joke is that he has a bladder like a camel which means that every time he goes it is like a solid 5 minute pee. Because of that the back leg that he balances on consistently gets soaked and then the clumping litter gets stuck all. over. him. This has resulted in many baths because the clumps are everywhere on him and hard to get off once they dry. Luckily, he doesn’t mind the baths at all! Switching litters to see if that helps… if he will tolerate something new. He was not a fan of the newspaper litter after surgery but we are going to give it another go in hopes that this helps with that issue (and we have a few bags left over from before)!

I am also trying to help find ways to keep him at least a little active. He doesn’t walk very much, really only when he is highly motivated to get somewhere- remember, super lazy and always has been! As per recommendation of somewhere on the forums I decided the get to food tree that makes him work for his dry food. He is not 100% sure what to do or how to get the food but we are not giving up on it… so far he has figured out that he has to flick the food from the bottom  but hasn’t figured out the there is food up top too… either way I feel like any extra movement is a plus!



Author: cgodinez

Mom of Elvis "E", the laziest but most lovable 22 pound kitty around! https://elvis.tripawds.com

2 thoughts on “Time for some changes!”

  1. Those are great photos, GO BIG E!!! I have found a litter i really like a lot. It’s called World’s Best Cat Litter. I have been using one lavender scented, and there is an unscented. I don’t know if it will work for you or not. No dust, clumps well in the box but it’s made out of corn husks.
    E looks awesome! And good for you to try and get him moving more, that’s a wonderful thing! Don’t let him lose weight too quickly or it can make him sick. Slow and steady works best.
    Big hugs! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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