Follow-up Visit Update

Well… it has been 13 days since surgery and we just had our follow-up appointment. Stitches are out and the incision has healed so well that he is allowed to groom that area again! Yay for no more onesies at night and big t-shirts during the day to keep him away!!!

Vet was very impressed with how well he is able to get around and his ability to use the litter box… especially given his size! He was even given the ok to travel if we want. Dad’s family has a lake house about 4 hours away that we usually go to for the 4th of July and he is able to come if I choose to bring him instead of leaving him with my mom like usual. Only suggestion was to continue to keep him in his playyard (thank goodness for facebook marketplace) at night or when he is alone so that he doesn’t hurt himself by trying to jump on the couches like he has been.

Wish we better news about the biopsy but all we can hope for is that removing the leg eliminated the extremely rare type of cancer that they found he had. So rare, that our vet of 18 years had never seen it in a cat. We gave him a fighting chance and that is all that matters!

Author: cgodinez

Mom of Elvis "E", the laziest but most lovable 22 pound kitty around!

4 thoughts on “Follow-up Visit Update”


    Good job on getting those stitches out!

    Yes indeedy, Elivis now has an excellent chance to live life to the fullest pain free!! All he cares about is being ELVIS, surrounded by love and spoiling and great vacations!!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. OMC he looks pawsome!! I kinda chuckled when i saw him on his box/pee pad and thought”maybe he needs 2 long boxes put together so he can have his cake and pee on it too? LOL… He’s just too long and voluptuous. There is a box out there made for dogs. I bought it, if i still had it I’d give it to you. I got it on Amazon. Look it up our I’ll try to find the link for you.
    So glad you’re doing well, you are rocking this now!!!

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