Almost 2 Weeks!

Well, it has been almost two weeks since surgery and things seem to get better each day. Maybe it is just me but I am still not ready to give him the run of the house when he is home alone or at night. He tries to jump on the couches and chairs like he used to go but cant get that big body of his off the ground so I am a little scared he will hurt himself. Decided to invest in a baby play yard that has all he needs and he seems to like it… truthfully it probably just makes me feel better!

I am beyond happy that he has completely gone back to using the litter box. It shocks me to see him be able to hop in and out of it the way he does. This was one of my biggest worries in the days after surgery but he figured it out as everyone said he would.

He, and I, are definitely sick of the onesies and t-shirts to keep him away from the incision/whatever stitches he has left (they are dissolvable). At what point was the incision no long a concern… meaning licking was ok (no cone of shame)?

Author: cgodinez

Mom of Elvis "E", the laziest but most lovable 22 pound kitty around!

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  1. Obligatory I am not a vet / this is not medical advice / I am just a person who fosters a lot of three legged cats:

    Generally, anywhere from the 14th day to the 21st day is when my fosters’ incisions have healed sufficiently well enough to not worry about it. I would recommend just touching base with the vet to see what they have to say, but generally when I look at the incision and it seems like there are no giant scabs (sometimes the incision doesn’t heal properly if a large scab area forms too fast) and everything looks like the skin is closing up.

    But you’re probably clear after the 14 day mark, and if you’d like I’d be happy to look at a picture of the incision if you’d like a second opinion on it.

    Thank you so much for sharing Elvis’ story! I’ve been following along.

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